Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin bonus pack

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Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin Bonus Pack

60 Capsules plus a free bonus 30 capsule pack!

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Curcumin is the primary active constituent in Turmeric, which has a long history of use in natural medicine. Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin contains Meriva®, a clinically trialled and patented form of curcumin, which delivers increased bioavailability and efficacy through improved intestinal absorption.

Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin containing Meriva® may be beneficial for:

  • Temporary relief of mild arthritic and mild osteoarthritic pain
  • Reducing joint inflammation and swelling plus increasing joint mobility associated with mild arthritis
  • Symptomatic relief of medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

60 capsules with a free bonus 30 caps


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