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Our top 5 products to help with muscle recovery!

How do we continue to be as active as we’d like when our legs say we’re tired from chasing kids? Our arms have had a sessions workout? Or we are recovering from sickness and lethargy? Muscle pain and cramps can really ruin your day, here are our tips for effective muscle recovery.


Magnesium powder


  • Magnesium powder puts back what our muscles lose the most of and need the most of for recovery.
  • It acts as a natural relaxant, it allows the muscles to relax which is critical for recovery.

Herbs of Gold Muscle Resuscitation delivers a therapeutic dose that is easily absorbed.

Plant based protein powder


  • Plant based protein powder feeds muscles
  • It also provides an alkaline base for muscles to recover
  • Most are vegan and vegetarian friendly and are an excellent protein boost that helps the whole body not just muscles!

Prana Plant Protein is raw, vegan and  contains all the essential amino acids for great absorption and muscle nourishment.

Transdermal products


  • Using a transdermal product in oil, spray or roll on gel form is very effective in reducing muscular cramps.
  • Can be applied as needed throughout the day, multiple times a day.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil or Gel roll on is a fantastic option.


Alkalising greens

  • An alkaline state in the body enables muscles to recover much faster.
  • Alkalising greens have a high magnesium levels derived from plant sources, and is a fantastic nutritional option for those who struggle to get all their greens in!

Morlife Alkalising Greens is a plant powder and packs a energy boost as well as its alkalising properites from being a broad based greens product.


Magnesium flakes

  • Perfect for a relaxing soak in the bath and is a fast and effective relaxant for muscle tension.
  • Magnesium flakes work similarly to transdermal remedies and can be used as often as you like and in conjunction with other products for muscle pain relief.

Who doesn’t love a soak in the bath? Add a sprinkle of EPZEN Magnesium Flakes to really get those muscles relaxed and ready for recovery!

You can relax those sore muscles and ease cramping with an oral supplement or topical one or both! Figtree Organics will be happy to offer friendly advice on what suits your needs.

All products mentioned in this blog are available at Figtree Organics, feel free to call of message us with any questions and enquiries.

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    My mom sufferes from all kinds of medical conditions. Its not like I can just go to the pharmacy and be like! Hey.. Can I try this? Or this? Or that? So i have been looking into some alternative methods. She already takes vitamins in gummy form. I want her to try CBD and see if it helps with her MS especially. Anyone try these CBD gummies before? have you ever tried this company before? Thanks for any advice!

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